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meandteaI have been a photographer for a long time, probably three quarters of my life. Most of that time I have been using Nikon cameras. I have used other makes, Pentax, Olympus, Zenit and Lubitel, the latter two as learning tools. I used them to learn how to use a camera in full manual mode. I also used the black and white film that I used to learn how to process negatives and then develop my own photographs from them.

These days I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and The Royal Photographic Society. I hold a Royal Photographic Society Distinction as I recently became a Licentiate of the Society (LRPS). I use Photoshop Lightroom 5 to catalogue all my images and also to do some of the post processing that is required when shooting digital in RAW format which is what I always do. Further “developing” is carried out in Photoshop CC and various plug-ins. I find the digital workflow very similar to what I used to do in the dark room with baths of chemicals, sticks with pieces of card on the end for dodging and pieces of card with ragged holes in them for burning.

If you were to browse my work on this site and at my photo blog at www.athyfoto.com you will see that I have a very eclectic collection of images. I don’t specialise and I do lean toward landscape photography.

I also create web sites for fun. I learned about web development with the Open University where I also studied the history of computers and the origins of the internet and the subsequent emergence of the World Wide Web. Computer programming in various languages formed a big part of my studies and this gave me the taste for web development using platforms like PHP, Cold Fusion, ASP, Java and Javascript. During the course of all this I also learned about SQL which again came in handy when it came to developing databases for use in an online shopping site as a part of my studies towards gaining my web developers certificate.

I used my knowledge of databases in my work for a National Energy supplier, which is where I spent the whole of my working career. I constructed relational databases to collect data from various sources in order to create mamgement information and reports.

These days the creation of basic websites is fairly easy as long as you have mastered the use of a computer mouse! This site is created with WordPress and I find making websites with this a pleasant pastime. I also like to use Joomla, another content management system but a little more challenging.

Enough about me, hope you enjoy looking at my site.


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